Product Announcement : AAG – Nagios Monitoring for IBM i

Press Release : Issued May 2023 (Toronto)

In September 2022 Shield Advanced Solutions celebrated the significant milestone, 25 years of providing Availability for the IBM i (and predecessors). At that time, a new product roll-out commenced. AAG – Nagios Monitoring for IBM i.  Since the product was, and still is continually being enhanced, no formal announcement took place.

AAG allows IBM i users to predict and avert any possible system issues. Alerts for over 109 data points are sent via email, SMS, or Pushover notifications. AAG provides an exceptional number of data points to monitor and track your IBM i systems and is a natural complement to both: your HA4i High Availability, and EM4i monitoring solutions. With the choice of a simplified or detailed view, this suite provides an efficient, simple-to-use overview of your status.

Benefits include:

  • 109+ check commands
  • Automated initial system configuration
  • Secure connectivity
  • Email & Pushover Alerts
  • Pre-built Linux ISO, plug & play
  • HA4i, EM4i, MiMiX specific monitors
  • Seamless integration with any Nagios server
  • Integrated view of your IBM i status
  • Highly scalable

Says Director Chris Hird, “Our High Availability clients can’t get on board fast enough. This simple-to-use status view, with the ability to drill down to investigate any potential issues brings total peace of mind to users. They are secure in the knowledge that they will never miss a step. Coupled with Shield’s EM4i messaging, life just became much easier. They are thrilled with the fast, efficient delivery of exactly what they need. One client told us that with AAG, he rarely powers up his PC at home to log into his IBM i. The simple fact is, that Shield’s products integrate and work very well together!”

Further details Request a demo.

System requirements:

  • Nagios Server (Linux based)
  • IBM i OS version 7.2 or later
  • 5770SS1 option34 DCM (for secure connections)

Price: By subscription $50 USD per month, per instance.


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