Returning Pushover acknowledgements to Nagios

One of the original user or our AAG product wanted to know if we could add a new feature to AAG based on his experiences with the notifications sent via Pushover. He was seeing a lot of notifications for the same problem being sent from Nagios even though he had already acknowledged the problem within Pushover. He did not want to have to sign in and acknowledge the problem manually on Nagios, so he asked if there was a way that we could recognize that he had acknowledged the problem in Pushover and automatically update Nagios. This would require us sending an acknowledgement to Nagios which tells it to stop sending notifications about the same issue (the problem is marked as ACKED.

Pushover provides receipts for critical alerts which can be used within Pushover to manage the messages, we are tracking these receipts and store them on the Nagios server each time we send out the notification via pushover. The data for each receipt allows us to be able to match the service that sent out the notification and the host it originated from. Using this data we have been able to poll the Pushover server and when the notification is acknowledge we can send an acknowledgement to the Nagios server which will then stop further notifications being sent out until the services goes through a status change.

We also add a message to the notification which shows who acknowledged the notification as there could be a number of notifications sent for the same problem. This used to add the information into the service comments, so you know who sent the acknowledgement to the pushover notification.

There are probably a lot of features in Nagios and Pushover that we are still to find, as we do we will add them to our solution so that our customers get the best possible experience.


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