New Password # tool.

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One feature of passwords is that they are encrypted so you cannot pull back a password to see if it is the same across a couple of systems. As part of the HA4i product we replicate passwords between systems using the encrypted blocks of data we can retrieve using API’s, we can also compare the two passwords by checking that the encrypted block is the same on each system (It should be). Recently we had a problem where a password would constantly return an error when we checked the data returned by the API so we needed a separate process to allow us to see what the content is on each system when we change passwords via a save and restore and update method. This has resulted in a tool which allows the CRC which we build using the data returned via the API to be seen by the user on each system. The tool is available for download from the downloads page.

If you have any questions or concerns with using the tool let us know.


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