See how RAP is installed and configured live, well almost!

As I previously posted we have started to create screencasts (video capture of the PC screen plus audio) of how we downloaded, installed and configured RAP. The final screencast Configure_RAP also shows how the product quickly updates the target system once a journal change is detected.

We feel the screencasts will show just how easy the product is to install and configure, having just seen a news release about how HA installations across the world are hard to manage I thought these screencasts would help set the record straight!

We are not trying to put RAP in the same league as the HA products but with a bit of help it can be just as effective. If you have ever heard of the KISS principle you know what we mean!

There will be more screencasts as we get time, we will show you how to restart after a failure, role swaps, object and file auditing and how to use some of the tools we provide to your advantage.

For a complete list of the screencasts go to our website.


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