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What we do!

We develop solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery which we distribute through a network of partners and web based portals. If you wish to contact us please visit our website at https://www.shieldadvanced.com. The blog and website are our attempt to widen the interest and knowledge about the IBM i platform.

What we offer


As a developer of replication technology we have developed many products and tools that are aimed at helping with the providing the solution to the market. The in-house tools we have developed allow us to package and ship the products as IBM License Program Products. This provides many benefits to the users because they use the same tools and interfaces to install and manage the products as they do for IBM OS products. We can take this technology and adapt it to suit other users and companies if required.


If you need a High Availability Review or tool set to help you manage the HA product and environment we can help. We also offer developer resources to companies who need short term assistance in getting a project completed using our own systems.


Here is a list of our current products

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