Support details HA4i and JT4i

Just a gentle reminder to customers about the new support process for JT4i and HA4i.

We have introduced a support portal which uses OSTicket to allow the submission and tracking of support requests. As part of the portal we have introduced a FAQ list for each product that answers many of the question about the product, it’s installation and ongoing management. Please take the time to register and review the FAQ’s before submitting a new support ticket. If you have suggestions for other FAQ’s please let us know and we will be happy to add them. Submitting a ticket helps us ensure we are providing the best possible support to our customers and reacting quickly to your needs.

We have also added a new interface to allow you to track your current PTF/update level directly in the HA4i/JT4i application. It requires the latest update to be installed which then allows you to track your maintenance expiry date and the currently available PTF and update level for your product. We have provided options to download both the PTF and the update with an additional option to both get and install updates. This is a feature which we hope will help reduce the management of the product while ensuring that you get the most up to date features we have. If you do not see the maintenance option on the product menus let us know and we will send links to allow the latest update to be downloaded.

We have recently provided new updates to both JT4i and HA4i so ensure you are keeping your systems updated to gain access to the enhancements in those updates.


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