Shield’s Notification Process

Shield has introduced a new Notification Process for customers. Register now to take advantage of Notifications.If and when changes and updates are made to any of our products, you will be informed. Links in the […]

HA4i Improvements

We are constantly improving our products and have recently pushed a number of significant changes through for our HA4i product. One area we are always looking for improvements is in the audit process and the […]

Ignore journaling when restoring objects

One of the questions we get asked a lot about how to stop an object being journalled when it is restored. This is a problem for replication software because the entries deposited either need to […]

HA on a shoestring PartII

I finally found the links for the programs for the programs IBM used in the Lab sessions for HA on a Shoestring. Here they are for those of you who are interested. […]

IBM's HA on a shoestring Presentation

We seem to be getting many requests for information on our RAP and the link to the IBM HA on a Shoestring presentation which has made the rounds at Common a number of times. We […]

Latest Version of JobQGenie

We have taken the new collection engine which we developed for RAP and built it into the latest version of JobQGenie. The new collection engine was needed due to the older technology becoming too cumbersome […]

New release of Crc Builder in progress, should be faster!

When we started to build the Crc Builder we used technology we had built into the RAP Auditing product as the base. While the Auditing functions work, we felt the speed needed to be improved […]

Object replication working despite Audit Journal feature

OK so we now have fully automated Object replication working and driven by the audit journal in the same manner as the other HA products. Hopefully we will see a lot more traction in the […]

Automated Replication for Objects

Been a long time since the last post, that’s because we have been busy developing a journal scraper and object replicator for RAP. The principle was to initially store the updates and apply in sequence […]

PTF01 now available for download RAP Version 3.1

We have packaged up the changes and fixes into PTF01 for RAP Version 3.1 which is now available for download from our website. There are a number of new features plus a couple of minor […]