Nagios monitoring

We have been asked by a customer to help integrate monitoring of our HA4i software into the Nagios XI monitoring solution. Nagios XI is a paid offering that allows lots of your IT infrastructure to […]

Automatically starting Orion

I wanted to automatically start Orion at system start up plus allow the start and end from a normal IBM i command line. My initial thoughts was to use a command and CLP which would […]

Another way to work with Relic Package Manager source

When we did the last clone of the Relic Package Manager Source we kept the Git repository separate to the RDi repository on our PC. I mentioned that perhaps there is an alternative to copying […]

Adding a BLDRELIC CLP to the Relic Package Manager

We have previously shown how to interact with GitHub and RDi for IBM i Open Source projects. This blog entry is another step in the learning cycle. Its trivial in its content but the process […]

Getting Relic Package Manager to your IBM i using RDi and Git

We have been suggesting for some time that any Open Source project created for the IBM i should be packaged for Relic Package Manager utilization. Initiated by Liam Allen it provides a method for allowing […]

Need your Votes

I have just added and RFE to the IBM website suggesting that they add support for the GCC compiler to the RDi development IDE and would appreciate your support in voting for it.The RDi environment […]

Setting up a terminal for SSH and QP2TERM Access

I was discussing the use of shells on the Ryver forum for #IBMIOSS with a colleague who wanted to be able to use one shell for his QP2ETRM access and another for his SSH access. […]