Seiden Groups PHP Community Plus and Easycom

Before we go into how we added Easycom for PHP on the IBM i to the Seiden Groups Community Plus edition, I would like to say thanks to Alan and his group for the effort […]

Is Zend for i5 Really Free?

I am not sure why this question is not solved but I have been corresponding with an IBM ‘i’ user who Zend is telling that Zend Core for i5 is only free for the first […]

Zend Framework installed with ZendCore 2.5.2

If you intend to use the ZendFramework I would suggest you install a newer copy than the copy installed by default by the ZendCore Install. ZendCore 2.5.2 will install ZendFramework Version 1.0.3! The latest stable […]

Installing a MySQL interface

I am in the throws of going through a tutorial which shows how to set up and use the ZendFramework. It comes as part of a book I found which goes into some detail about […]

5250 emulation screen within WSDC

I was trawling through the iNetwork forums and found this link to an open source emulator plug in for WSDC. It installed in a few minutes and configured just as easily as the manual […]

Rewrite Problem solved

Sometimes you just have to read the documentation to find out what you did wrong! The ZendFramework uses a concept which pushes all requests through the index.php page in the root directory, this in turn […]

PHP application modernization project stalled but ongoing

Hi Well I had hoped to be a bit further along with the project to enhance my Software Manager Product with a PHP interface using the 5250 bridge, but a couple of things are bogging […]