Three Things You May Not Know About High Availability for IBM i

1. The price of High Availability for the IBM i can be affordable.

Shield has been providing HA solutions for the market for close to 20 years. Says President Chris Hird, “Our products are reliable and affordable. In most cases HA4i can be installed by your own i-shop staff and there is no need to costly consultant services. Due to rising maintenance costs from our competitors you will probably find the cost of buying HA4i and maintenance is less than your maintenance today. “

2. The fresh, clean code of HA4i, is efficient and simple.

Shield’s customers asked for a less complex product. “We listened,” said Hird. “HA4i is a complete re-write, bringing fresh, clean code that does exactly what our customers say they need.” Several of the solutions on the market today have developed into complex and convoluted products which are difficult to implement and maintain. HA4i is a full High Availability solution that installs with ease, and works efficiently all with minimal user interference.

3. Job Tracking for IBM i is not always covered.

Most HA solutions do not address the area of job tracking. HA4i works alongside JT4i to capture information about jobs as they run through their life cycle. Without this valuable data, it may be impossible to restore your system to a known recovery position. Shield’s 20-year experience in the Availability business has taught us that many do not understand this or simply choose to ignore it.  Covering this vital aspect of the jigsaw, for some businesses may be the difference of recovering or not after a disaster.

Shield’s customers are happy to attest to the simplicity and efficiently of our solutions. Contact us to arrange a demo, and see for yourself.

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