Today we start with the new Blog

This is my first blog and the first time I have even tried to view one! Yes we all catch up with the times eventually I am just a little slow on the uptake…
The blog is going to be about the System i5, its capabilities and how I use and program on it. I will add code as I need to show some of the projects I am undertaking and some of the technolgy I find. I have recently installed PHP and MySQL on my i520 which runs V5R4 of the OS. I recently spoke to a group of people at the TUG meeting in Toronto last week and discuss some of the new technology IBM is making available and how you can gain some significant availability enhancements using that new technology. I will add files and source files as they appear appropriate.

We are just pushing JobQGenie which is a Job Queue Content capture tool into Europe this nex month so I will enter any signficant data about that push into the blog as well. If you want to go to the website its We also have the main site which has details of the other products we have created.

Ok so thats the overview, I hope to keep adding lots of interesting content to the blog and look forward to blogging (I hope that the right word) with you all!


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