Tradition….. joined by Innovation!

Shield Advanced Solutions is taking HA4i in new directions!

Creativity and innovation coupled with Shield’s reputation as a customer-led organization is taking High Availability solution for IBM i – HA4i in new directions.

Customer-led Tradition coupled with Innovation

Dedicated long hours and virtual hibernation through the winter months has pushed the development timeline. We are hearing rumours that the announcement may be in time for POWERUp18 – The Common User’s Group Annual meeting that will take place in Texas this coming May.

The Shield team prides itself on listening to the customers, says Director Chris Hird, “They indicated a need for something that HA4i doesn’t today offer…. so we are taking the time to put this in place.  If one customer has a requirement, others may too.” adds Hird, “This won’t affect our continued strategy of keeping our solutions fast, effective and “simple-to-use”.

Watch the trade press for news…. and swing by Booth 318 at Common to hear about this exciting new feature.

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