Just a name change or is it? Simply 'i'!

We felt the Blog name was starting to get a little old so we decided it was time for a change! “System i5 New Generation Computing” didn’t make sense once IBM changed the brand yet again. Simply ‘i’ seems to fit the message we are trying to push out there even though it is already behind the curve with the new Power theme!

We have also been experimenting with the theme used for the site, we feel the the iNove suits. Let us know if you like the new theme or not.
You also will notice many new features on the Blog such as Polls and downloads, eventually we hope to have all of the downloads listed on the download page with a new format to show how popular they are. Please take the time to vote on our polls, we don’t save any of your details just your opinion!

Comments are always welcome, this is how we know if the Blog is actually providing value to the reader. Sitting here in our Ivory tower bleating on about what we are doing isn’t what we get a thrill from, it’s more important for us to get feedback on what you don’t like about the content and how we can deliver better and more interesting material. We are always looking for coding projects (small utilities mostly) to work on, the recent Crc Builder came from a request for advice and assistance from another forum.

Basically we want to help the IBM ‘i’ keep going, its a great box with lots of potential for the users. When you look at how well it was received by the user community despite IBM’s half cocked attempts to market it and how it still retains a loyal user base has to be something to do with how well it works. I always wonder just how well it would have done if IBM had priced the hardware and software in the same range as it does for the ‘pSeries’. I am not saying its the best of the best and everyone should throw out all their other technology in its favor, but don’t ignore it just because IBM is chasing other shooting stars (they all burn out in the end)….

Enough of the banter! Hope the changes are favorable if not you can always comment!


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