MySQL startup problem.

I am still fighting with MySQL autostart and trying to fix a problem with the jobs being submitted on a subsystem start.  The problem seems to be with the MYSQL profile which is used when the call is made within the job description.   When I call the programs from my profile which has *ALLOBJ all is fine, however the server is now running under a high security level profile. The autostart job does the right thing and tries to start the job using the MYSQL profile and the server is correctly called and starts to run but it abends when trying to find a file hosts.frm which is how MySQL handles security.  The file exists, MYSQL has *RW authority on the complete path to the file and the file itself!  Having looked at the statements, the mysqld runs from the /usr/local/mysql/bin directory and its trying to find the file ./mysql/hosts.frm.  I would assume this is concatenating the $DATA directory to the path which should be set to /usr/local/mysql/data. But how does one profile find it and the other does not? I have *ALLOBJ authority and the install says you should set the MYSQL profile to have limited authority which I did!

I am hoping others have seen the problem and have an answer.  If not I will just keep playing with it until I get a solution…


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