Take A Moment For A Seasonal Health Check

As the seasons change and we wind our clocks forwards or back, we are reminded that in the Autumn heavy snow and strong winds bring the power lines down, and Spring thaws and tides bring floods. During 2017 we have seen storms and excessive weather and floods the world over.

Chris Hird says, “I hear far too many times from our customers and colleagues, that the systems are well, in sync., and all is operating as intended… only to discover after a short review, I discover there are errors not addressed, and items in dis-array. Also that system PTFs are not up-to-date to the current level.

On a regular basis, with a planned timetable, I encourage every i shop team to undertake a comprehensive test to check that everything is as it should be.”

Your back up, disaster recovery and high availability can easily be fail safe and in a state readiness in case disaster strikes, or for a planned maintenance downtime. That’s why your business invests in DR or HA software – to ensure the data is safe in case of a disaster. But in truth, to ensure you will be able to return to full recovery position, a set of check-and-balance actions have to be undertaken on a regular basis. For our personal safety, we are encouraged to change the batteries on our smoke alarms as each season changes. Don’t leave caring for your critical business data to chance, make a plan and implement it!

If you don’t have the time, staff or skills in-house, we are happy to help. Shield can undertake your ‘health check’ as a service, charged at an hourly rate. A regular seasonal health check ensures peace of mind that everything is in good standing.

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