The modernization project is underway.

We have started to build out the panels for the initial modernization of the Software Packaging Manager Product. This product is used internally to package all of our products as IBM Licensed Program Product’s. The menu design we have chosen is based on the code we generated for our companies website and uses JavaScript to manage the sublinks. Hera are a couple of screen shots we have of the progress so far
This first image is the sign on screen, those who have been to this site before may remember it as it is a regeneration of an old project we start when we first looked at Zend and how we could add GUI’s to the front end of our applications. The 5250 bridge seems to be adding the simplification of that which is why we have decided to do a test again.

Signon Screen

Once you have entered your credentials we have used the old verification method available using the
i5_connect() function. This allows us to simply check that the data entered is valid, eventually we will replace this with a 5250 bridge method.

menu bar

This is the Menu Bar we have created, as you can see hovering over one of the buttons shows the white sub menus which relate to that Menu selection. These will be linked to the screens and commands as they would be in the 5250 application which will allow the control of each request.

As we develop those screens we will provide some details on how we did it plus additional screen shots of the results. This is early days in the project as we have only started the design work, the code separation using the Zend FrameWork has yet to commence, this will be our first foray into the Zend Framework world so we are eager to start!

Keep watching we will post as we go…..


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