Why do we keep our competitors on our website?

We keep getting questions from prospects asking why we advertise who our competitors are? The answer is very simple we feel an educated customer is a valuable customer. Our aim is not to shield the customer from the truth but to let them have as much information as possible and let them make an informed decision, hopefully in our favor. We know what our products can do and where our differences place us against the competition, if we can’t justify those differences to the customer they are probably better off choosing one of our competitors.

Unfortunately many customers don’t get the information they need to make that informed decision, they end up with a solution which is not suitable for their needs and eventually end up trying to fit their environment around the product instead of the other way round. One big problem we see is just how complex these environments can get and how this in turn leads to long recovery times and the inability to understand just how all of the pieces fit together. That’s why many of our competitors need a certified consultant just to get it configured and running, this can cost almost as much as the software itself.

If you need any kind of Availability you need to set parameters around what you want to achieve, starting off with unachievable goals is only going to end up in frustration. Data is the one thing you cannot continue with out, therefore protecting it should be your first concern. Switching between systems is only important if you intend to do it on a regular basis, many if not most of the installs we have carried out never switch regularly and only intend to do so if they have to! So putting this as a high priority on your shopping list is wasting money, you are paying extra for that functionality.

We have always preached about the need for Job Queue replication, not the job queue object but the content of the job queues. We have a vested interest in doing so because we have the only solution specifically aimed at that area today! Products which provide job management can provide a level job recovery because the job stream is being managed and tracked, however it only tracks and manages jobs which are under its control. Job management products also provides no link between the data generated by the job and job itself, when you need to recover you have to tie up so you can determine the actions required to bring the data in line with the job stream.

We will continue to list our competitors on our website to ensure you get all the information you need to make an informed decision. The products all have value and provide at least the basic requirements for every High Availability project, you as the customer just need to decide how much complexity you can tolerate and which features if any are most important to you. Hopefully as part of your decision making process you decide that our products deserve a chance!

We are happy to provide more information, demo’s and presentations about why our products fit your environment and what makes them stand out against our competitors. Its not hard to ask a question but the cost of not doing so may provide many years of hardship.


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