What does Shield Bring to the Availability Table?

Shield Advanced Solutions has quietly been here for more than 22 years – providing independent Availability solutions for the IBM i.

Shield’s products are known for being highly effective, and yet simple to use. With current, fresh code they are fast and efficient in the most demanding environments.

What does Shield bring to the table?

Affordability…… software purchase and annual maintenance might well cost less than your current annual maintenance. In addition, these stable products bring very few maintenance issues…. once implemented correctly, our phones and ticket logs go quiet!

Customer Support….. among the few calls received, most turn out to be issues not related to Shield products – but we often assist all the same… further increasing your return on investment! Once on our books, Shield customers receive exceptional customer service.

In-depth Knowledge…. Creating our own products means the Shield team has extensive under-the-covers system knowledge. It’s been known, we sometimes challenging IBM specialists to achieve results.

Our website states “Plan for the Future, Prepare for the Worst”. Working with Shield means that most IBM shops can afford HA, and run it effectively with in-house staff. Plan to take a free trial of Shield’s HA4i, check out the unique and popular job tracking add-on JT4i and see what Shield is all about! You’ll understand why we’ve quietly been here for so many years!

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