Finally found the answer to the '' character problem

One thing which was driving me mad with the WordPress Blog software was how every time I entered the ‘<‘ sign or ‘>’ sign into the post I would get strange results!  Most times they just would not appear in the post at all other times they would affect what was being shown to the user!  So I tried to find out if the code formatter I installed would make any difference, well no it does not support html formatting as I would have liked! So I installed the wysiwyg editor and tried to use the visual editor, copy and paste had even more problems so I went back to html basics, in the code view I entered ‘&GT;’ and the ‘>’ sign appeared in the visual editor, same for the < code so I had the answer to my problem. How ever I had some code to copy into the blog which requires the ‘<‘ & ‘>’ signs to be used (my C code had the same problem I just replaced them with “).  I did a paste and found that in the visual editor it looked good but when I went into the code view the entries surrounded by ‘<‘ & ‘>’ characters were now matched ie <virtualhost></virtualhost> and the code which ahd been sat within these was now outside! Instead of going through the code and replacing the ‘<‘ with ‘&LT;’ in every case I found that by using the visual editor I could delete the offending lines and replace the with what should have been there ie <virtualhost> before the code and </virtualhost> after.  Checking the code in the code viewer correctly shows <virtualhost> before the code and </virtualhost> after!  So I can now ensure my code shows as it is written even with ‘<‘ & ‘>’ characters in it!


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  1. The formatting seems to do what it wants when it wants! Just make sure you use &lt etc in the code editor. Using < &> in the visual editor automatically places the right &lt or &gt in place..


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