Yet Another Solution

I was discussing an opportunity with a collegue when I was asked if I had heard of a new player in the High Availability Market called Berco Solutions. I had not, so I decided that I should take a look and see what they are offering as a solution. Although I could not get much information from their website I did look at what they do have, the seem to offer a number of modules (6 to be exact) which form a suite for High Availability. The main module is for data replication with others for object, cluster and Monitor, other modules seem to be related rather than part of the high availability suite? I did send out a request to link their site to ours so if they respond I will add them to the list of high availability offerings.

If I get chance I will also review the information they have provided to see where it actually sits in the scheme of things, write up a short description on where I think it fits and how it compares to some of the others.

I also noticed that Bugbusters have announced that their RSF offering offers a High Availability solution for i5 users as well, again not much information about the product so I can only say they perport to offer a solution. I did post their link to the site so you can select it from the list if you want to go and take a look.

I will post any other products I here about and where the appear to fit into the System i5 Availability market.


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