Zend Framework installed with ZendCore 2.5.2

If you intend to use the ZendFramework I would suggest you install a newer copy than the copy installed by default by the ZendCore Install. ZendCore 2.5.2 will install ZendFramework Version 1.0.3! The latest stable copy of the ZendFramwork is 1.6.0 which as you can see is lightyears ahead of the Framework installed by Zend.

I did raise the question with Zend Support as I was trying to build examples based on the 1.5.3 documentation which is fairly old in itself. They commented that we should download the latest level from the website and install it over the existing install. you should also note that the ZendFramework is not maintained as part of the Zend Update functions available with the ZendCore. I have also suggested that a method of updating the ZendFramework via the ZendCore GUI should be made available and the update should be a patch update. Today you have to download the entire Framework structure and replace the existing one. This is not a major task unless like me you have a FTP client which refuses to build the directory structure, I had to resend all of the files about 20 times and skipping the existing files each time just to get the entire structure built (Its a free FTP client so I don’t expect too much from it!).

I then updated the php.ini file to point to the new instance of the framework so all sites which will use the Framework will have the include paths already available. I decided to keep it outside of the ZendCore structure in case I have to delete or upgrade it in the future, that way it will remain intact and I only have to update the php.ini file if it gets replaced.

I now have a working Framework website which ran using the Framework particularly with MySQL.pdo so now its back to finishing the example and maybe trying to simplify the demo for others who like me don’t have intimate knowledge of the framework makeup and rules….

I would say the test website is fairly small and the amount of coding and directory structure I had to build is pretty significant! When you get a to a large site I am sure it will all be worth while. Segregation of the code from the design is very apparent when you go through the exercise so I am sure it will be very useful in my Application modernization project.


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