Zip tools for IBM i added to Open Source repository

We have added ZLIB which is an Open Source Zip/Unzip suite for IBM i to the Git Hub Repository at .

The source is not ours but has been modified to allow it to be compiled and run on the IBM i. It was tested from Version V5R4 onwards and recently re-built to run on V7R3 of the OS. A number of slight changes were made to allow the compiles to work which have been documented in the CHANGELOG.TXT file.

The source can be downloaded and installed using the RELIC Package Manager, we have added a build file that will download the source and build the objects automatically. This is a pre-release version which we hope some will download and test on their own systems. Once we have proved the install process we will create a formal release.

Any problems log via GitHub, we cannot promise to fix but will try our best. The code is licensed as per license agreement and any additional notifications listed in the source files.

Go and enjoy.. Chris…

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