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EM4i is an Enterprise Message Monitoring solution for the IBM i platform that allows automated Message Queue and Job Logs to be monitored by Email, SMS text or Pushover Notifications. This software as a service solution allows operations staff to remotely monitor problem messages, without the need to sign on to the system, ensuring no messages are missed that require attention. Offering secure, one-way connectivity with no inbound communication to your IBM i, and a low overhead footprint.



EM4i is a Message Monitoring and Response solution that provides message monitoring on Message Queues and Job Logs using message monitors that provide notification via exit points to supplied programs.

If the message requires a response (*INQ message) pre-set responses to the messages can be sent immediately or a request for the response can be sent via Email, SMS or Pushover Notifications. The product also supports calling of customer provided exit programs should you wish to handle the message in a different manner.

Developed using the latest i/OS technology provides the lowest possible overhead on the system while ensuring immediate reaction to messages received the in monitored Message/Job Logs. The modern method of communication avoids the need for your operations team to sign onto the system to respond to critical messages.

Security is maintained for your IBM i system through one-way communication with the external web server, no inbound communication is required to your IBM i. Encrypted communications to the web server are also supported, should it be required.

EM4i is supplied as a Software as a Service solution, this means no up-front capital expense and no annual maintenance costs.


Automated Message Monitoring

Being able to monitor a message queue for messages and respond to them is provided as part of the operating system, EM4i takes it to the next level by allowing a remote employee to receive notifications about messages and if necessary, send a response to the message. The product currently allows the notifications to be sent via Email, SMS and Pushover, this list will grow as more messaging applications are investigated.

EM4i is simple to set up and configure, many of the configuration options are set via the installation process or through programs that can load the relevant data to the database files. Once started the program will start monitoring the configured Message Queues and Job Logs. We suggest adding the start-up process to your STRUPPGM so the processes are always running. If you require a monitoring solution that ensures these jobs are always running, please contact us to discuss a new monitoring solution we are working on.

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EM4i is able to be installed by most IBM I administrators, however, if you need assistance we provide highly trained consultants who will be able to install and configure EM4i to ensure you are monitoring everything correctly.

Any customer with a current maintenance contract in place can use the support portal to raise tickets for issues and questions they have about the products. The support portal also lists a number of FAQs that can help with product set up and configuration. Any tickets raised via the portal are immediately flagged to the support team to ensure a rapid response to your question(s). Access to the support portal is available Here If you are requested to start a remote desktop session (teamviewer) use the following link to install the correct version of teamviewer from our site Teamviewer Version 8

Latest PTF: 1EM1100 Product level: EM4I071624