Simplify and Save with HA4i

Tired of paying too much for an over-complicated solution?

Replace your current High Availability solution with HA4i in days, not months!


Replace with HA4i

Replace your over-complicated IBM i High Availability solution with HA4i - Shield's logical replication for High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Complete a seamless transition in days rather than months. Simplify and Save!

Reduce system overhead, improve your recovery, and simplify the process.

Benefits include:

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Business Continuity 24/7

HA4i is for organizations who require continuous access to their data, secure backups and speedy recovery in case of a system outage. HA4i is a fully functioning High Availability solution that provides the ability to securely replicate your critical system data and objects to another system or the cloud.

Business environments are changing; with more demands for continuous availability and less tolerance for system downtime, or data loss. HA4i is designed to meet the standards for system availability and performance to ensure compliance with service agreements. A cost-effective solution for your IBM i that is fast, efficient, and simple to use.

First Class Support

Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd is a customer-led organization, with a long-standing reputation for availability solutions for the IBM i. Our service and support go beyond normal levels.