Disaster Recovery for IBM i

DR4i - Disaster recovery for the IBM i

If you need to be able to recover from a disaster but don't want or need the complexity of a full High Availability solution then DR4i is for you. Only requiring a license for the target system which saves you money, DR4i allows you to replicate and apply all changes captured in a remote journal to a target system. This includes Database, IFS, Data area and Data Queue changes.



What is the cost of DR4i

Because you only need to license the target system you are able to save money on both the initial software cost and ongoing maintenance fees. The license fee is based on the IBM CPU tier group and does not require additional licensing to run on multiple LPAR's on the same system. This makes it an ideal candidate for hosting providers who are providing a DR site with hot backup for their customers. If you are running the Pure Flex technology please review the product page for DR4i for Pure Flex



The technology used within DR4i

DR4i uses the latest technology available in the OS for applying entries from the Remote Journal using either a technique pioneered by Shield that uses the APYJRNCHG command or our own proprietary apply process. A White paper by Chris Hird describing the APYJRNCHG technology is available for download below.



These are the features provided by DR4i
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Uses Remote Journal technology
  • Choice of Apply methods (*SAS or *IBM)
  • Optional PHP Interface for monitoring

What is New for Version 8.1

DR4i version 8.1 was introduced to allow the product to be packaged as a PureFlex system OVA. As part of the rewrite we have added all of the new functionality developed for the HA4i apply process and released in the latest PTF. This means DR4i is now as effective as HA4i where applying journal data is concerned. The additional products provided with the PureFlex OVA are not provided with DR4i Version 8.1.

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