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HA4i - High Availability for IBM i

High Availability and Disaster Recovery are very important to companies especially as they grow. Even though the IBM 'i' is known for its in-built stability there are occasions when it could become unavailable due to program errors, infrastructure failures or external influences such as weather or power loss. Having a remote system with a full copy of the operating environment will provide you with instant access to your applications and data until the main system is available again.



What is the cost of HA4i

The perception in the market has been that this is a very expensive and complex solution to implement but the cost of hardware has plummeted and with HA4i you can now have a fully functioning High Availability solution for a lot less than you think. Many of our new implementations are being carried out in smaller customers who had previously believed that a HA solution was not affordable within their budget.



The technology used within HA4i

HA4i uses the latest technology available in the OS, it is based on the Remote Journal technology for User data replication and the QUADJRN as a trigger for the Object/Spool file replication processes. Profile replication uses the IBM exit points for notifications and uses the IBM Encrypted objects for password replication ensuring password security.



These are the features HA4i provides
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Uses Remote Journal technology
  • Fully automated object replication
  • Automatic Profile and password replication
  • New auditing capabilities
  • Automated switch process
  • Optional PHP Interface for monitoring


What's New V7R2

The latest version of HA4i has taken all of the features and updates of the previous version plus added a new packaging process that reduces the install footprint of the product and reduces the memory/CPU requirements for running the replication processes. This has given HA4i a better throughput capability and reduced the impact on the production system. A number of other changes bring a better user experience for the product by reducing the time and effort required to manage the product on a daily basis. The replication processes are very resilient, however we still recommend a strong audit regime to ensure the replication processes are delivering exactly what they should be doing. This is why HA4i has a full complement of very effective audting tools that can highlight and fix any errors that are found. Easy of use has always been a mainstay of the product and continues to be so, we are constantly reviewing the product menus and options to ensure that they are relevant, this version of HA4i has been simplified again with the removal of the APYJRNCHG apply process which had reached the limit of its capabilities. Automatic environment checking is provided with email support for reporting purposes to ensure the replication processes are not getting behind and that all the required programs are runnning. It will resolve any errors automatically allowing a hands off approach if required. HA4i continues to improve and add functionality which is driven in the man by client requests, we deliver what you need, not what we think you should have. Price is still a major factor in choosing a HA product for the smaller IBM i customer, HA4i continues to be affordable without reducing its effectiveness.

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