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JT4i - Job Queue Tracking for IBM i

There are plenty of High Availability solutions available on the market but many don't have the ability to replicate the content of the job queues from the source system to the target system. JT4i was developed using the base technology provided by our JQG4i product with improved scalability and processing. Using proprietary technology we have built a solution that not only allows the recovery of the job queue content when switching to the target system, but it can also help identify any orphaned data which may have been applied by your High Availability solution.



The product is priced by IBM processor tier. If you run a Disaster recovery Solution such as our DR4i product you can still gain a lot of benefit from using JT4i. The data which is captured by JT4i is stored in IBM i database files which can be journaled and replicated using the replication tool of your choice.



JT4i captures all of the attributes associated with a job including the *LDA data (if any) and stores the information in its own Database. Using this data the user can identify if jobs completed successfully or not and if necessary re-submit that job using the same attributes it originally ran with. The reload of a job can be carried out on the production system or the backup system which can be useful when system or data recovery is being carried out. Tools are provided that allow the user to review all of the job information at anytime including any files or objects that the job affected. If you need to switch to the target system and have jobs sitting on the job queues on the source that need to be re-submitted on the target system JT4i provides the tools to automatically carry out the task.



  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Captures all attributes for a job
  • Provides tools to assist with recovery
  • Captures *LDA data and library lists even when on job queue
  • designed for High Availability replication tools

What is New

This is the initial release of JT4i. This new design has brought better scalability and faster job data retrieval ensuring even fast running jobs are tracked better than it predecessor.

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