IBM i Disaster Recovery for Pure Flex Systems

DR4i for PureFlex Systems- Disaster Recovery solution

DR4i for IBM Pure Flex systems provides a unique opportunity to deploy a fully functioning DR solution. The deployment process used with IBM PureFlex Systems will create a fully functioning DR environment including a PHP based Web Server that provides an easy to use interface for managing and configuring DR4i.



How is DR4i for PureFlex Systems costed

Because you only need to license the target system you are able to save money on both the initial software cost and ongoing maintenance fees. The license fee is based on the IBM CPU tier group and does not require additional licensing to run on multiple LPAR's on the same system. This makes it an ideal candidate for hosting providers who are providing a DR site with hot backup for their customers. Licensing for the PHP interface using the Easycom toolkit can be provided by Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd, IBM OS licensing must be arranged through your IBM contact.



The technology used by DR4i for PureFlex Systems

DR4i uses the latest technology available in the OS for applying entries from the Remote Journal using either a technique pioneered by Shield that uses the APYJRNCHG command or our own proprietary apply process. The OVA packaged by Shield provides a complete and working DR environment that can be populated with your applications and data to provide a Disaster Recovery Solution for your production system. This is a complete environment including IBM i OS Version 7.1 TR5 and a PHP Web Server provided using the iAMP server from Aura and their Easycom for PHP toolkit.



These are the features of DR4i for PureFlex Systems
  • Easy deployment using IBM Pure Flex technology
  • PHP based Web interface
  • Uses the latest DR4i technology
  • Licensing options that benefit hosting vendors

What is new for DR4i for PureFlex Systems

PureFlex Systems is a new and exciting technology providing cloud capabilities. Shield is very interested in this technology and has worked with the IBM PureFlex Systems team to develop DR4i for PureFlex Systems. This is a completely integrated IBM i Disaster Recovery solution that allows the implementation of a fully functional DR environment on PureFlex technology. If you need further information on this new and exciting technology, contact us using one of the methods provided on our contact page and we will be happy to discuss how DR4i for PureFlex Systems can meet your Disaster Recovery needs.


If you would like to find out more about IBM Pure Flex systems and what they offer the user please visit IBM Pure Flex Systems Center