Getting help

The IBM i is a fully integrated system which can be used to implement a variety of applications and solutions. Our products which provide the ability to replicate application based changes from one system to another need to be able to work in very simple to very complex environments. This means there are times when the product may appear to not function correctly so the users need our help in understanding or rectifying the situation.

Support Tickets

As aprt of our ongoing improvements for customer support we have introduced a new support ticket process that allows clients to raise problems and track them through to a fix being provided. There is a new Knowledge base that will be built using the information gathered by the support ticket process plus any questions which are frequently asked by user of our products. If you are experiencing a problem with one of our products please register and raise a ticket describing the problem and attach any information you have gathered such as job logs or screen captures.

Use the following link to raise or view existing support tickets Support Ticket


We take pride in our support

Shield Advanced Solutions cares about its customers and prides itself by going above and beyond to ensure those customers receive the best possible support available.

Support figures

We are always looking for better ways to make the products work more effectively in your environment by providing fixes and enhancements on a regular basis. Many of the enhancements we make are based on requests from customers who find that they need something additional to make the management of their Availability environment easier.

We provide all of our enhancements via the PTF process and those PTFs are available for download for customers who are current on maintenance. After signing in you will be provided with links to the latest PTFs on the product pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install?

All of our products are packaged as IBM Licensed Program Products(LPP's), the installation and support process for these products is the same as for the IBM OS using the xxxLICPGM commands

How does the licensing work?

Because the products are packaged as IBM LPP's we are able to use the same license repository as the IBM OS. The license is based on the IBM processor tier and is for a specific serial number. We do not charge for additional LPAR's or processors which allows you to run as many LPAR's as you need on a single system.

Where can I download the product?

Once you sign-in you can go to any of the product pages and download the required objects for the product. Once installed you may need a key to allow the product to function which can be obtained by sending in a key request using the form provided when you download the product.

How do I obtain the PTFs?

Each time we create a PTF it is uploaded to the website and will be available for download once you are signed-in. If you sign up for the newsletter we will inform you of any new PTFs that are available for your registered products. We also provide ongoing updates which are not packaged as PTFs that allow customers to get to the latest code level. This could be due to enhancements that they have requested or simply to gain some functionality which is not yet available as a PTF.